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COVID-19 Update

NWPL closed on Friday, March 20 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic


As a manufacturer of medical devices, NWPL is classified as an “essential business.”  However, for the last 1.5 months, we’ve chosen to drastically limit time employees spend at our facility to maximize safety.




Production/Turnaround time

Smaller-than-normal crews will operate four days a week to process and fabricate orthotic orders.  Due to restricted manufacturing capacity and safety-related changes to workflow, in-lab turnaround time will temporarily be 10 business days instead of NWPL’s standard four or five business days.   

Shipping and Receiving

All orders sent to NWPL – SmartCast orders, casts or impression foam – can be received Monday through Friday.  Completed orders will ship most days, Monday through Thursday.

Customer Care

Customer Care will be available 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (PST), Monday through Thursday (Tuesday through Friday the week of May 4).  Contact Customer Care at 800-443-7260 (leave a message, if needed) or email


Our Accounting Team will continue to primarily work remotely.  Most days (Monday through Thursday), a member of our team will be available via phone to process payments or answer billing questions.  Call 800-675-1766 (leave a message, if needed) or email for additional assistance.

All other inquiries

Call 800-675-1766 (leave a message, if needed) or email


We’ve spent many hours developing safeguards and implementing policies that ensure our employees are working in a safe environment.

We’re delighted to take small steps forward that allow us to protect our employees, keep NWPL moving ahead and provide healthcare professionals and their patients with amazing custom foot orthotics!

Thank you for your continued patience during this challenging time.

Stay well!


The NWPL Team

Staying safe at NWPL

The health, safety and well-being of our team is a responsibility we take very seriously.

From being far ahead of the curve by offering great health insurance, paid sick leave and 401(K) matching to investing in an employee-led Wellness Committee, NWPL invests in its employees.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve doubled down on our health and wellness focus.

Kudos to Tam, NWPL’s Accounts Receivable Specialist (and the newest member of our team), for sewing awesome masks to help keep our team safe!

Small contributions can go a long way.  Thank you, Tam!

Stay well!

Ask NWPL – Info on Rx form

Question: Why does NWPL require so much patient information on the Rx form?


Answer: At first glance, age, weight, height, sex, activities and shoe type may appear superfluous. This information, however, is vital. It’s significance is apparent once we understand some concepts of composite orthotics (like NWPL’s Superglass). Let us begin by taking a step into the past. With thermoplastics, increased thickness is necessary to increase rigidity. Thicker is stronger and thinner is more flexible. Unlike thermoplastic materials, our Superglass orthotics have a true graduated flex range that is independent of the thickness of the device.

Shoe size, width and heel height are important considerations because these factors determine the final shape and dimension of the device. If we know the shoe size, we will check the cast/scan against standard lab sizes. Heel height is especially important when the device is for higher heeled shoes. Remember, for any shoe over 1.5″, the casts must be modified so the device will not rock on the shank of the shoe. Implicit in this modification is the lack of biomechanical control.

Shoe type is very important. While the length and width of the foot are readily determined from the anatomic markings on the casts/scan, we must consider the footwear when determining the precise dimensions of the device. A low dress shoe fits the foot much more snugly than the same size athletic shoe. Consequently, the devices must be fabricated to lesser dimensions.

We can make orthotics for nearly any shoe type, however, we recommend a lace-up shoe with a half inch heel. By giving us complete information, we can specifically engineer your prescription.