OTC Orthotics

Trade squishy gel
for pain RELIEF

Elite OTC™ Orthotics

Our newest over-the-counter foot pain solution to incorporate the heritage of our legendary custom foot orthotics. We designed Elite OTC orthotics to be everyday workhorses – simple, medical-only devices that provide a compelling alternative to insoles sold at specialty retailers. Available with full-length EVA + cloth top cover (shown) or 3/4-length firm EVA top cover.


Since 1964, Northwest Podiatric Laboratory has crafted world-class custom foot orthotics for more than a million kids and adults. Children’s OTC Orthotics are built on this experience. Each of the seven colorful sizes feature the elements essential to an effective children’s insole. Children’s OTC Orthotics are the new standard for versatile OTC orthotic treatment for children.


Northwest Podiatric Laboratory’s Premium OTC Orthotics feature a sleek and unobtrusive design thanks to the credit-card-thin composite that forms their foundation.


A thin and versatile composite foundation coupled with a full- length top cover. The top cover features an EVA foam cushion topped with antimicrobial cloth for comfort and durability. For shoes with a maximum heel height of 1.25”. Available in a Firm or Gentle flex.


A sleek orthotic designed for low volume shoes, including women’s stylish flats and men’s dress shoes. No top cover. For shoes with a maximum heel height of 1.25”. Available in a Firm or Gentle flex.


Relieves pain associated with wearing high heels while restoring natural balance. Designed to be ultra-thin and feather-light. No top cover. For shoes with a heel height of 1.5” to 3”

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