We've made orthotics
EASY for you.

A Brief

Since 1964, long before digital, we’ve live and breathed custom orthotics. SmartCast® is foot scanning you can trust. Just having a nifty app or trendy manufacturing process isn’t enough. Technology is wonderful, but the real question to ask yourself is: Who’s actually crafting my orthotics and why should I trust what they make? With Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, the answer is clear!



Perfect scans every time.

Simple to use.

NWPL quality & support.

Positioned To Win
The SmartCast Foot Positioning System® accurately positions the foot. Poor (or no) positioning can compromise a foot scan AND the finished orthotics.

THE app for custom orthotics
Secure and intuitive, the NWPL-exclusive SmartCast® app turns a time-intensive chore into seamless five-minute process.

Crafted by People
Highly trained technicians, not software or algorithms, craft one-of-a-kind custom orthotics. SmartCast® doesn’t cut corners.

Bringing speed and science together


Who developed SmartCast®?
SmartCast® was created by NWPL to provide healthcare professionals with industry-leading technology that places the foot, ankle, and leg in its ideal functional position – ensuring the shape and function of the custom orthotics we’re known for. The method for positioning the foot is so unique it received a US patent. Chris Smith, DPM, led the team that developed SmartCast® and his lifetime of custom orthotics knowledge is integrated into every aspect of the system.

Does SmartCast® save time?
Yes! The process of scanning, entering patient/Rx information and submitting an order to NWPL takes approximately five minutes. SmartCast® also eliminates the time and cost associated with buying casting supplies, handling and processing casts/impressions, transit time to NWPL, etc. For orders submitted via SmartCast®, finished orthotics can be received in days, not weeks.

What education and support is provided with SmartCast®?
SmartCast® is quick and easy to learn. We provide detailed step-by-step instructions and are always available to answer questions. For most practices, the entire training process takes less than one hour.

NWPL provides no-charge customer support for the life of the system via phone and email. Medical Director, Timothy Messmer, DPM, is available for consultation to further enhance the process of learning and using SmartCast®.

Can SmartCast® be used without the SmartCast Foot Positioning System®?
Yes. Although NWPL recommends using the SmartCast Foot Positioning System® to ensure accurate and consistent positioning, it’s not required. The SmartCast® app can be used by healthcare professionals at no charge (iPad and Structure Sensor OR iPad Pro or iPhone with Face ID required). Contact NWPL for more information.

Randall Beckman, DPM
Spring Branch Podiatry / Houston, TX

This is an outstanding lab. The technology with the scanner is outstanding & easy to use.

“The lab also provides helpful assistance in prescriptions. I personally use the orthotics in my shoes and have run 9 Ironman events and multiple marathons with them. I would highly recommend this lab.”