Carefully crafted for
YOUR feet.


Our Superglass composite is legendary. Developed by NWPL, this revolutionary shell material forms an unmatched foundation for treating foot pain. Drugstore insoles and budget custom orthotics can't match the thinness, versatility or durability of Superglass.

Thin Is In
Only 1.5mm thin and able to fit wonderfully in even the tightest footwear.

NWPL inside
We can adjust the flexibility of each orthotic with pinpoint accuracy. Decades of knowledge in built into every pair!

Built to last
Crafted with aerospace-inspired materials, Superglass can handle any challenge – from active kids to professional athletes to weekend warriors and competitive runners.

NOT run-of-the-mill
Innovative components, our unique reinforcement system, and one-of-a-kind manufacturing techniques mean Superglass isn’t the average composite or carbon fiber orthotic.

Superglass custom orthotics can help with foot pain:

  • •Premium performance
  • •A thin composite foundation
  • •Unmatched shoe fit
  • •Superior shape and function



Unrivaled experience, quality and shape crafted with the most popular material for custom foot orthotics, polypropylene. Poly is tested, proven and nearly indestructable. Only Northwest Podiatric Laboratory can create poly orthotics like this.

Premium comfort and design
NWPL’s shape is simply superior…and you get this shape with every pair of custom orthotics from NWPL. Noticeably thinner than most competing products – poly doesn’t have to be thick and bulky.

Not bulletproof, but…
Designed to be tough with a high-grade polypropylene that’s nearly indestructible. A great option for those whose work or play demands maximum durability.

We count our decades of experience on two hands
The journey to develop superior milled polypropylene custom orthotics involved 1000’s of hours creating new systems and processes to raise our bar and the bar on what’s possible with polypropylene.

Polypropylene custom orthotics can help with foot pain:

  • •Maximum durability
  • •A trusted foundation material
  • •Amazing value



NCV reimagines what custom orthotics can be. Developed to utilize new innovations in materials science and fresh manufacturing processes, NCV faithfully maintains the craftsmanship and artistry that’s been our hallmark since 1964. Orthotics designed for comfort!

NWPL knowhow
A proprietary carbon fiber-reinforced polymer carefully developed to combine the durability of traditional custom orthotic shells (e.g. polypropylene) with the versatility of a composite (e.g. carbon fiber).

Surprisingly svelte
Fits easily into most shoes – even low dress and soccer cleats – with ease. Only 1.5 to 2.5mm thin.

The sweet spot
Engineered with comfort in mind. All the rigidity and support needed to take on common types of foot pain (e.g. plantar fasciitis), but with a level of in-shoe comfort that make them practically disappear.

NCV custom orthotics can help with foot pain:

  • •Comfortable support
  • •Proven shape and fit
  • •An NWPL-only foundation



Amazingly comfortable custom orthotics that don’t forget that a little support goes a long way. Prescription Comfort™ orthotics are a truly unique hybrid that’s at once soft, firm AND supportive.

Extra depth not required
Don’t replace your favorite shoes with bulky extra-depth shoes – Prescription Comfort goes places thick insoles or orthotics simply can’t. Most everyday shoes offer a perfect fit!

Stays in shape
At the core of every Prescription Comfort orthotic is thin composite reinforcement that helps maintain cushion, shape and support. Traditional all-foam solutions quickly “bottom out,” negating much of their benefit.

Perfect combination
It’s rare to find accommodative orthotics that balance comfort and control. Our exclusive design combines soft and firm materials for no compromises!

Prescription Comfort custom orthotics can help with foot pain:

  • •Comfort that keeps its shape
  • •Ability to fit in standard shoes
  • •Pre-diabetic & geriatric solutions



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