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PERFECT start.

NWPL is proud to offer podiatrists, physical therapists, pedorthists and orthotists premier orthotic shell materials for fabricating thin, light and durable custom foot orthotics. Developed by Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, using proprietary materials and processes, DBX6 and VCN3 beat the competition in structural integrity, durability, flexibility, and versatility. Other materials are plagued with compromises like structural fatigue, cracking, loss of shape due to flattening and excessive bulk.

DBX6 is comprised of fiberglass, graphite and resin to form an ultra-strong, ultra-thin matrix. VCN3 merges carbon fiber strands and durable plastic to create a firm but “forgiving” foundation. Better orthotic blanks for better patient outcomes.


Carbon fiber orthotic

Unmatched Dependability

DBX6 and VCN3 are backed by the Northwest Podiatric Laboratory’s 55+ years of leadership in the custom foot orthotic industry.


Fits Your Workflow

A quick, easy, and repeatable fabrication process. If you make a mistake, reheat DBX6 according to the specified guidelines and the elastic memory allows the device to return to its neutral beginning shape.


A Perfect Fit

Our unmatched thinness dramatically reduces issues, complaints and returns due to poor shoe fit. DBX6 and VCN3 feature a very low profile that makes it the ideal material when millimeters matter. Dress shoes, dance shoes, soccer cleats and more have never fit better.


NWPL Quality

Finished orthotics with a look and feel only surpassed by Northwest Podiatric Laboratory’s own custom orthotics. Stand out from the crowd with BETTER custom orthotics.


DBX6 and VCN3 shells are pre molded and shipped in a predetermined, generic shape (not flat stock) making it easier and quicker to mold into a custom shape.

DBX6 features unfinished edges that are ready for grinding and customization allowing it to be manufactured to a variety of widths based on cutting and finishing preferences. VCN3 ships with finished edges to save manufacturing time.



Only 1.5mm thin.


Only 1.5mm to 2.5mm thin.


Unisex products. Men’s sizes shown. Men’s 4/5 = Women’s 5/6.

Try DBX6 and VCN3

Streamline and simplify the fabrication of custom orthotics with DBX6 and VCN3! The easiest way to experience the benefits of these premium materials is to work with them on your equipment using your processes. Craft a pair of orthotics for yourself, a demanding customer or a tough-to-please patient.  We challenge you to put DBX6 and VCN3 to the test. Contact NWPL for samples today!


DBX6 and VCN3 are covered for two years against breakage (that same warranty coverage as our own custom orthotics). Please contact us for more information about Northwest Podiatric Laboratory’s warranty coverage for DBX6 and VCN3.