Skiing is a sport with no swing phase of gait i.e., the foot is in contact with the supporting surface at all times.

Skating, however, has a “swing phase” where the basic foot function is one of “position” and not of motion (not pronation followed by supination). In skating there is no change in foot position during the “swing’ to “stance”.

Both sports rely on the position of the foot to the supporting surface.

Little or no motion occurs within the foot; motion within the foot is not a consideration. Posting is not indicated because motion is not paramount within the foot (posting positions the rearfoot at heel contact only and there is no heel contact with these sports).

The rigid forefoot extension (it flexes to the transverse plane on weight bearing) keeps a constant pressure on the plantar surface of the toes creating a bio-feed back through the proprioceptors in the skin on the plantar surface of the toes. This feedback causes the posterior leg muscles to contact. (Stand up, then lean forward and notice that the posterior muscles of the leg contract to prevent you from falling on your nose. Now, stand up, then lift your toes off the floor and then lean forward and you will fall on your face).

This feedback enhances skiing and skating.

Good alignment of the rearfoot and midfoot enable greater plantarflexion of the first metatarsal into the supporting surface for increased inside edge control for skiing and more powerful propulsion for skating.


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