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Northwest Podiatric Laboratory celebrates their 60th Anniversary

Blaine, WA – Northwest Podiatric Laboratory is proud to celebrate 60 years providing unrivaled quality and service to our valued healthcare providers. For six decades, we have helped patients by crafting premium custom and OTC foot orthotics. All of this due to the hard work of our dedicated employees and loyal partnerships we have established throughout the years.

From its humble beginnings operating out of a basement in Lynden, WA, Northwest Podiatric Laboratory has grown to become a trusted name in the industry. Today, with over 45 employees using the latest innovation and technology, we remain steadfast and continue to provide patients with the best possible products to help alleviate their pain.

Our commitment to unmatched quality, revolutionary materials and biomechanics expertise has made us the go-to provider of custom and OTC foot orthotics for licensed healthcare professionals across North America and Japan. We are proud of our reputation and we will continue to uphold it for many years to come.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating this important milestone. Over the past 60 years, we have built a reputation for excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.  I personally want to thank all the healthcare providers both old and new who have partnered with us in providing their patients with quality orthotics.  In doing so, we have improved their quality of life, one person at a time. A big thank you to all our partners, the best is yet to come!” – Ruben Valle, CEO

A special thank you to our late founder Dennis Brown and former Vice President, Chris Smith, DPM. Without their drive for ingenuity and biomechanics excellence, we would not be where we are today.

Join us in celebrating this special occasion! Visit or contact 800-443-7260 to learn more about our premium custom orthotics and why they are the best in the world.

Northwest OTC – medical grade foot pain relief

Jumping with custom orthotics



Rather than going to a running store hoping to find a good OTC solution, contact your healthcare professional and ask them about Northwest OTC orthotics!

Our over-the-counter foot pain solution incorporates the heritage of our legendary custom foot orthotics. We designed Northwest OTC orthotics to be everyday workhorses – simple, medical-only devices that provide a compelling alternative to insoles sold at specialty retailers. Northwest Podiatric Laboratory’s OTC Orthotics feature a sleek and unobtrusive design that will easily fit into most shoes.

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Northwest Podiatric Laboratory is the leader in the design and manufacture of premium custom foot orthotics. Located off the beaten path in the far northwest corner of Washington State, we’ve always been a little outside the mainstream with obsessively high standards and outside-the-box thinking. Dennis Brown, a retired British soldier, elite athlete, and natural-born inventor founded the company in 1964 and was joined by a pioneer in the biomechanics of the foot, Dr. Chris Smith, in 1974. With an exclusive blend of science, craftsmanship and innovation, we produce orthotics with a unique shape and unparalleled performance. Northwest Podiatric Laboratory has helped over a million people suffering from foot pain to lead better, pain-free lives. Learn more at

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