Northwest Podiatric Laboratory makes prescribing life-changing orthotics easier than ever with a recent update to its SmartCast® app that introduces the ability to scan patients using iPad Pro and iPhone models with Face ID.

With 58 years of orthotic industry experience and 10+ years crafting custom orthotics from digital scans, healthcare professionals rely on Northwest Podiatric Laboratory to minimize cost and complexity while maximizing positive patient outcomes.



Upgrading from plaster, fiberglass socks, impression foam, and dated scanners to a modern scanning system is a game-changer for practices of all sizes and only requires three software/hardware components:

  •   SmartCast Foot Positioning System® to align and hold patient’s foot for scanning.
  •   SmartCast® app to scan patients and submit orders.
  •   Apple iPad Pro or iPhone model with Face ID. (Scans captured with the Structure Sensor are also accepted.)

Healthcare professionals with compatible iPad Pro and iPhone models can download and try the updated SmartCast app for free – simply search NWPL in the App Store.

The SmartCast app was recently added to the VA App Store, making custom orthotics from Northwest Podiatric Laboratory available to healthcare professionals at VA locations across the United States.

To learn more about how scanning with the SmartCast app and prescribing custom orthotics from Northwest Podiatric Laboratory can elevate your practice, visit or call 800-443-7260.



Northwest Podiatric Laboratory is the leader in the design and manufacture of premium custom foot orthotics. Located off the beaten path in the far northwest corner of Washington State, we’ve always been a little outside the mainstream with obsessively high standards and outside-the-box thinking. Dennis Brown, a retired British soldier, elite athlete, and natural-born inventor founded the company in 1964 and was joined by a pioneer in the biomechanics of the foot, Dr. Chris Smith, in 1974. With an exclusive blend of science, craftsmanship and innovation, we produce orthotics with a unique shape and unparalleled performance. Northwest Podiatric Laboratory has helped over a million people suffering from foot pain to lead better, pain-free lives. Learn more at

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