Streamline your workflow by accessing your Northwest Podiatric Laboratory account online!

Log in from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone for key information and insight about your Superglass®, NCV, Prescription Comfort™ and Northwest OTC™ orders!

At launch, you’ll be able to:

  •    View orders
  •    Print invoices
  •    Track shipments
  •    Export to Excel
  •    More


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Screenshot #2







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If you’re interested in being an early adopter and accessing your NWPL account online, contact us today!



Northwest Podiatric Laboratory is an industry leader in custom foot orthotics and related technologies. Dennis Brown, a retired British soldier, elite athlete and natural-born inventor founded the company in 1964 and was joined by a biomechanics pioneer, Dr. Chris Smith, in 1974. With an exclusive blend of science, craftsmanship and innovation, the partners have built a company that utilizes proprietary production techniques and technology to produce orthotics with a unique shape and unparalleled performance. Northwest Podiatric Laboratory has helped over a million people suffering foot pain to lead better, pain-free lives. Learn more at

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