SmartCast® is the all-inclusive solution that replaces (and improves on) the traditional process for prescribing custom foot orthotics. As digital scanning becomes commonplace, just having a nifty app or trendy manufacturing process isn’t enough. Technology is wonderful, but the real question to ask yourself is: Who’s actually crafting my orthotics and why should I trust what they make? With Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, the answer is clear. Since 1964, long before “digital,” we’ve lived and breathed custom foot orthotics.

Use the patent-pending SmartCast Foot Positioning System® to align patients with unmatched accuracy.

Quickly and confidently scan any foot.

For us, technology is simply another tool to help us apply our unmatched experience and knowledge to every pair of custom foot orthotics we craft. SmartCast® IS an amazing tool but, much more importantly, with SmartCast® people with foot pain benefit from the best orthotics we’ve ever made. SmartCast® is much more than another foot scanner!

View amazing 3D scans, complete Rx forms with a few taps and instantly submit orders with the SmartCast® app.

Rely on highly-trained technicians (not algorithms) to craft fully custom orthotics using the best technology in the industry.

Experience the peace of mind and patient outcomes only Northwest Podiatric Laboratory and SmartCast® provide.


Who developed SmartCast®?
SmartCast® was created by Northwest Podiatric Laboratory to provide healthcare professionals with industry-leading technology that positions the foot, ankle and leg into its ideal functional position, maintaining the shape, quality and function of the custom orthotics we’re so well-known for. Chris Smith, DPM, our Vice President (and Professor Emeritus at the California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University) led the team that developed SmartCast® and his lifetime of knowledge in biomechanics and custom orthotics is integrated into every aspect of the system.
Will SmartCast® save me time?
Yes! The process for scanning two feet, entering patient/Rx information and submitting an order to Northwest Podiatric Laboratory via SmartCast® takes approximately five minutes. SmartCast® also eliminates the time/cost associated with buying casting supplies, handling and processing physical casts/impressions, waiting for casts/impressions to ship to Northwest, etc.
How accurate is SmartCast®?
SmartCast® utilizes a Structure Sensor which provides accuracy within a fraction of a millimeter. In our 50+ years of crafting custom orthotics from a variety of physical and digital means, we’ve never had more accurate or consistent data than what’s captured by SmartCast®. Learn more about the Structure Sensor here:
Is SmartCast® portable and easy to store?
SmartCast® is designed with ease-of-use in mind. Whether being moved between exam rooms or offices, SmartCast™ is easy to bring along. The SmartCast Foot Positioning System® is crafted from lightweight aluminum and folds for easy transport and storage. The entire system (including iPad + Structure Sensor) weighs eight pounds and fits in a backpack.
What do I need to use SmartCast® in my practice?
The key requirement for using SmartCast® is a WiFi connection. More specifically, a private WiFi connection that’s password protected. SmartCast® can be used without WiFi, but WiFi is required to submit orders and sync data. Users should also have access to an elevated exam table/chair - ideally, a podiatry chair featuring power lift, back and tilt functions. A podiatry chair is preferable because the knee is about 9 degrees flexed, making dorsiflexion of the foot to 90 degrees easier.
SmartCast® comes standard with an iPad, but I already own an iPad – can I just use my own?
The SmartCast® system is available, from Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, without the iPad and Structure Sensor for a discounted price. It is recommended that Northwest Podiatric Laboratory approve the model/type of iPad and Structure Sensor prior to purchase/use.
How do I learn to use SmartCast®?
SmartCast® is designed from the ground up to be quick and easy to learn. We provide detailed step-by-step instructions in print and video format and are always available to answer questions via phone or email. For most practices, the entire training process, including the submission of practice orders, takes approximately 60 minutes.
What’s included with SmartCast®?
SmartCast® includes all the hardware and software needed to position, scan, customize and submit custom orthotic orders:
  1. The SmartCast Foot Positioning System® with patent-pending technology featuring laser alignment for unmatched simplicity. (Class 1 Laser Product). The system is designed for easy operation by a single practitioner. It easily and accurately replicates the gold standard for orthotic casting: non-weight-bearing subtalar neutral/midtarsal joint locked positioning.
  2. An iPad with Structure Sensor to capture 3D data of the foot (if purchased). This proven technology provides outstanding results in a small, straightforward package. Use the iPad’s touch screen to view amazing 3D models of scanned feet.
  3. The Custom-designed SmartCast® app which provides a powerful and simple way to input patient information, scan patients, complete Rx forms and send orders with just a few taps. Designed by Northwest Podiatric Laboratory exclusively for SmartCast®.
The SmartCast Foot Positioning System® includes a laser. Do I need to take any special precautions?
Part of the magic of the SmartCast Foot Positioning System® is the Alignment Laser, which is a Class 1 Laser Product. The Alignment Laser has been tested and certified to meet all US and International regulations. By definition, a Class 1 Laser Product is considered safe under all conditions of normal use.
How does pricing work for SmartCast®?
SmartCast® features an affordable, onetime purchase price with no ongoing monthly or per-pair fees. Purchasers receive a credit on every custom orthotic order sent via SmartCast® (for three years or until the total purchase price is credited). Our 60-day, 100% money-back-guarantee offers unrivaled peace of mind.
Will I receive software updates for the SmartCast® app? How much do they cost?
SmartCast® features no-charge updates for the core features of the version of the SmartCast® app purchased.
How does Northwest Podiatric Laboratory provide customer support for SmartCast®? How much does it cost?
Northwest Podiatric Laboratory provides no-charge customer support for the life of the system via phone and email.
Can I use SmartCast® to send custom orthotic orders to labs other than Northwest Podiatric Laboratory?
SmartCast® is custom-designed as a complete solution that integrates seamlessly into our proprietary manufacturing system and does not allow orders to be submitted to other custom orthotic laboratories.
Is the SmartCast® app secure?
When used as instructed, the SmartCast™ app is designed to meet all relevant HIPAA requirements.

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