Premium Custom Orthotics

Creating world-class custom foot orthoses is an art and science requiring talented and experienced craftspeople. Our employees average 15 years of experience and nearly 1/3 have been with us for 20+ years. We know orthotics.

Custom Orthotics


Superglass® incorporates today’s most advanced glass/graphite/epoxy resin components, our patented reinforcement system, and Northwest Podiatric Laboratory’s proprietary manufacturing techniques. Superglass isn't your average graphite, composite or carbon fiber orthotic.


The perfect blend of rigidity and flexibility to comfortably treat the majority of patients.

Moderate flexes (#2 and #3) recommended for:

  • Day-to-day use for most adults.
  • Light to moderate activities like standing, walking, jogging or casual athletics.
  • The majority of children.

Soft flex (#1) recommended for:

  • Geriatric patients.
  • Mild diabetic patients.
  • Adults looking for a well-rounded orthotic that offers extra flexibility.


Rigid orthotics engineered for serious athletes or patients who require a firmer orthotic device.

Recommended for:

  • Moderate to competitive athletes participating in activities like running, basketball, tennis, soccer, football or other high-impact activities.
  • Extremely active males ages 15 to 30.
  • Adults who require or prefer more support and control.


Unique custom orthotic designs you won’t find anywhere else.


Our uniquely designed PTTD (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction)/ AAF (adult acquired flatfoot) device bridges the gap between standard functional orthotics and custom braces (AFO’s). On a recent survey of healthcare professionals currently prescribing our PTTD/AAF device:

  • 69% said the majority of their patients could benefit from the device as an alternative to custom braces (AFO’s).
  • 96% said their patients experienced moderate, very good or excellent relief using the PTTD/AAF device.


Northwest Podiatric Laboratory’s custom-made High Heel is an ultra-thin orthotic device (1.1mm) for dress shoes with a heel height from 1.5” to 4”. The High Heel restores the natural function and balance of the foot by reestablishing the heel and forefoot relationship, significantly relieving the pain associated with wearing high heels.

  • Ideal for women who wear high heels on a regular basis and are seeking the ultimate foot pain solution.


Our Ski, Skate and Cycle orthotics are sport-specific devices featuring a custom, full-length Superglass® foundation that’s only 1.5mm thin and weighs only 3.0 ounces.

  • Every device is crafted with Northwest’s proprietary Proprioceptive Forefoot Extension (PFE™). The PFE™ is a spring-loaded forefoot extension that increases comfort and performance.
  • A must-have for serious or competitive skiers, hockey players, figure skaters and cyclists.


The newest addition to our family of premium custom orthotics! Developed to utilize innovative new materials and manufacturing processes, NCV faithfully maintains the craftsmanship and artistry that’s been our hallmark since 1964.

The foundation of NCV is a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer developed specifically for our next- generation custom orthotics. Nearly as thin as our Superglass® composite, NCV strikes a compelling balance between form, function and value.

Available flexes:

  • Gentle (comparable to Superglass® #1/#2 flex)
  • Firm (comparable to Superglass® #2/#3 flex)

NCV represents the very latest innovations in materials research and development paired with our deep understanding of biomechanical principles.
-Chris Smith, DPM, Vice President


Prescription Comfort™ accommodative orthotics provide an excellent balance between comfort and control. The thin composite foundation allows for multiple layers of comfortable foam without adding unwanted bulk. Prescription Comfort™ orthotics fit in most everyday shoes.


A hybrid between accommodative and functional orthotics with a flexible composite shell topped
with a layer of pre-stressed foam.


Our most accommodative orthotics featuring a very flexible composite shell with a layer of pre-stressed, dual density foam.