Better materials. Better orthotics. Better results.

April 15, 2014

Better materials. Better orthotics. Better results.


Crafting premium orthotics to relieve foot pain requires a unique blend of unmatched experience, superior biomechanical knowledge and the best materials.

At Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, we offer a unique mix of materials, both exclusive, Northwest-only options and proven favorites from the most reputable partners.

It’s easy to cut corners on materials.  In any industry there’s the real/original product and the “sort of like the original, but not really as good.”  We choose to utilize the best materials from the best manufacturers to ensure we craft orthotics that function more effectively and last longer. 

When we say ‘The Premium Custom Orthotic” we mean it.


We’re proud to offer these premium materials:

·         Superglass® (Northwest exclusive)

o   A proprietary fiberglass and graphite composite.

·         NCV (Northwest exclusive)

o   A proprietary carbon fiber-reinforced polymer.

·         Naugahyde®

·         Spenco® Neoprene

·         Ultrasuede®

·         Leather

·         PORON®

·         P-Cell®

·         DuraFORM™

·         Vylyte (Northwest exclusive)

·         EACS® Heel Post (Northwest exclusive)

o   A proprietary rubber composite.

·         DBX6® (Northwest exclusive)


Incomparable products.  Unrivaled results.