Northwest Partners with MSI Orthotic Laboratory to Offer Premium Custom Braces (AFO’s)

April 19, 2011

Northwest Partners with MSI Orthotic Laboratory to Offer Premium Custom Braces (AFO’s)

Since 1964, Northwest Podiatric Laboratory has built its reputation and success on premium custom foot orthotics. This commitment to custom foot orthotics is who we are and will never change. Yet, in the last couple years, requests for products like high-quality custom braces, which complement and support treatment with custom foot orthotics, have increased.

With this in mind, we’re proud to add MSI/Northwest Premium Custom Braces to our growing line of world-class products and technology.

Background on braces at Northwest Podiatric Laboratory
Determining the best course of action for adding braces to our product lineup wasn’t easy. Crafting high-quality braces requires know-how well outside our core competencies (i.e. we can’t be the best in the world at making custom braces) and partnering with an everyday, run-of-the-mill brace company simply wasn’t an option.

The logical solution was to partner with a company already crafting Northwest-quality custom braces. We found a perfect match in MSI Orthotic Laboratory, a regional brace and orthotic laboratory in Tempe, Arizona.

Background on MSI Orthotic Laboratory
Joe DeRose, DPM, President of MSI Orthotic Laboratory and adjunct faculty at the Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine, was a student of Dr. Christopher Smith (our Vice President) and is very well respected by Dr. Smith and the podiatric community. Of the partnership between Northwest Podiatric Laboratory and MSI Orthotic Laboratory, Joe says: “For the last few years, I’ve felt we make the best podiatric brace anywhere.  Our braces reflect the highest quality in materials, fabrication and the process of casting.  There is only one lab that can make the equivalent claim regarding their foot orthoses and that is Northwest Podiatric Laboratory.  This has led to a partnership that seems natural and has the goal of providing the very best braces to our clients’ patients.”

Our partnership with MSI Orthotic Laboratory will allow healthcare professionals to order and prescribe custom braces while working directly with Northwest Podiatric Laboratory and our excellent Technical Support Department from start to finish.